Sunday, January 25, 2009

Creative Spaces

Yesterday my darling hubby and i spent our day cleaning the entire house to prepare for Chinese New Year. This ritual act is formed by millions around the world who try to rid their homes of bad fortune in hope of it being replaced by good fortune for the New Year. This is all new to me as I'm not Chinese however Eddee is and i wasn't about to pass up on him volunteering to clean the house..

i is smart y'all! love

So i figured i would take advantage of the cleanliness and take photos of my studio which is basically the study however calling it my studio gives me a sense that I'm working in a creative space not just the other room.

i like putting lil bits & pieces in comparments

i hang most of my creations on this lovely tree from Ikea which everyone has!

the awesome chair i got for my bday from friends
(also from ikea hehe)

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