Saturday, March 28, 2009

*singing* I wanna be famous

Helloooooo my beautiful Olive Farm people =)

I'm happy to report that in a span of 1week I was included on Red Panda's
blog, featured in Cosmofashionslave's treasury and sold another item on etsy. Woo hoo!

My gorgeous Pink Cupcake Pincushion on the right bottom corner

My Red Stripe Flower featured on the top left hand corner
Bring on more weeks like this i say! *fist pump* hehe

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feed the Soul - Give it Chocolate!

With the weather man promising cloudy days all this week i cant help but wanna stay in my pajamas and indulge in steaming mugs of hot chocolate (lets not forget the marshmallows). With that in mind i trolled Etsy this morning finding all things 'hot chocolate' and here is my top 5 pick.

Chocolate Polka Dot Half Apron - Tinder Designs


Hot Chocolate Lip Balm - Miapella Organics
Chocolate Brown & White Damask - Warm Hugs Corn Bags

Leaf Green Coffee Jacket - Knot Sew Cute
Blue Cup of Hot Chocolate Ring - Fakery Bakery 2

Awww these scrumptious goodies are the perfect accessories for a cold day don't' you think? *pauses* hang on.... there's sunshine coming from my window!

Stoopid weather man!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Inspiration comes in flowers

Although I'm not too far from 30 (yikes!) the girly girl in me still craves for the simple pleasures such as ice cream cones, high tea with the girls, fairy floss and flowers... let's not forget flowers. Ever since my boyfriend (now hubby) made me a bouquet of flowers out of paper and then later silk for Valentines I've been hooked *btw such a creative hubby i have*

I love everything and anything to do with flowers and have lately been on a mission to create flowers out of fabric, inspired by fellow etsy members miss ruby sue and frosting couture whom create nothing but perfection. Here's a sample of their work -

Alice at the tea party - Frosting Couture

Pink Sabbath - Miss Ruby Sue

Gosh aren't these ladies amazing?! I've been dying to get my hands on some vibrant silks and other bright coloured fabric but til then here's what I've done with some left over fabric.

Ladies at Lunch - Olive Farm