Monday, November 30, 2009


Upmarket has come & gone and my gosh it was a lot of fun! I've attended every one since the beginning, usually buying up a storm, and this time i was on the other side, being a seller for the first time. My stall was set up on the outside under a marquee where there was plenty of fresh air & sunshine and great traffic flow =) Big props to the organisers!
I had such a wonderful response to new Olive Farm pieces, especially the flower bib necklaces which completely sold out under 2 hours! yay! I also had A LOT of enquiries from bridesmaids & brides about custom pieces. I can't wait to make more products & hopefully participate in Upmarket in 2010!
Lots of different colours to attract the crowd =)
People couldn't resist these lil beauties!
My best seller of the day!
view from my stall =) Tall buildings protected me from the sun hehe
Posing with the hubby who was excellent manning the store while i went to
chat to other girls & buy some goodies of my own =)


Monday, November 23, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Travel Blooms

Relaxing in Mauritius

Dancing in Jamaica

Love in Paris

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

{MOTL & update}

I've never been sooo busy! It reminds me of the weeks leading up to my big day where i would stay home putting stickers on boxes rather than out partying with my friends. I have 2 markets in Nov (one which i just participated last weekend) and I'm still receiving orders since launching the Wedding Story. I'm breathing Olive Farm 24/7! haha I admit there is a certain rush to it but I'm looking forward to Dec when Hubby & i will be flying off to Bali for 4 days courtesy to his work place sending the whole company for some much needed R&R =)
I'm happy to report that the MOTL markets went really well. Hubby and i were being super organised which made it really easy on the day. Normally i would get one of my sisters or a gal pal to keep me company but as everyone was busy ed put up his hand and volunteered to help out and boy did he ever. Not only did he help with the display but he also made more sales on his own while i was walking around talking to friends and other stall holders haha
The new Olive Farm range was a big hit however surprisingly lines i was considering discontinuing almost sold out completely and pieces that always sell were ignored. I guess you can never tell what kind of crowd will be at any given market. I'm really excited about UPMARKET in less than 2 weeks and with hubby by my side i know it's going to be fun!
Some pics of the day ~ sorry for the blurry pics, lighting wasn't the best but i tried =)

Ed & I at our stall

Trying on pieces

The Soap Opera stall was right next to me and i bought a lot of goodies =)
Not to mention Tarnya was a delight to have as a market buddy!

Little Mo & Friends

Niina Aoki

These two gorgeous chicks from Blush of Boys. They had amazing jewelery!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Amore No. 10 - Time Outs!

At the exhibition

There are simply not enough hours in the day! yup, that thought has been running through my mind for the past week or so as i busily prepare for my upcoming markets. From the moment i wake up to the wee hours into the night my poor little fingers have been frantically sewing, cutting, gluing... you name it. I've gone craft mental and it's not because i haven't been organise but more due the to huge response of 'The Wedding Story' pics launched on FB last week & last minute orders which i probably should have said no to but too late now.

I also keep changing my mind with the overall theme of my display. Should i stay with the original fun & quirky or lean more towards the new Olive Farm? which has a girly & sophisticated touch to everything. Argghhhh! decisions, decisions.

My poor mind needed a break so i was grateful when my baby sister invited me to her Tafe Clock exhibition a few nights back. Novi (my sis) is studying furniture design and her class was given the assignment of designing and making a clock from their own hands, easy right? wrong! i mean it's fair to say when your restricted with nothing your imagination can really go crazy, well so i think hehe

Here's a few pics of the night ~

Novi and her lego masterpiece =)

Cool orange floor clock

Not a bad spread for big crowd hehe

Kinda like a satellite, don't you think?

My mum was soooo close to buying this. Her reason 'it looks cool!' haha

Awesome fluke shot of moi while cooling off outside =) Thanks Rin!

It was a little humid inside hence the crowd outside.

Overall it was really nice to take a break from preparing for the markets and just mingling with other artsy fartsy people =) Well done Nov, awesome work!