Monday, March 29, 2010

Olive Farm at Upmarket!

My display for the day =)

So another Upmarket has come and gone and this time we were in Winthrop Hall at UWA. I wasn't sure what kind of crowd the new venue would bring and i was pleased to see so many people as well as repeat customers. Yay!

Lots of pretty flowers came out to play!

Unfortunately I had a small chest infection and was coughing like crazy so hubby manned the store most of the day and i didn't expect to see so many friends come by so i went on little walking adventures with them hehe However i made a lot of wedding contacts and met other great participants.

Moi, Lauren and Sarah otherwise known as
Olive Farm, Osier & Tea For Bini

The broken windows from the storm last week =( Still pretty tho.

All in all a great day and big props to the organisers. Hopefully i'll get into the next one in June *crossed fingers* Afterward hubby and i rewarded ourselves with big bowls of yummy soup at Viet Hoa to fill our hungry tummies and hopefully put an end to my illness. I'm feeling much better now =)

Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom.

Monday, March 22, 2010

More treasuries and an unwanted cold!

I've been meaning to write a post on some treasuries i've been lucky enough to be included in. It's funny because most of my etsy customers are from the US and with their season being the opposite of ours (it's autumn here in Australia) i've had many convos about spring colours to potential customers and i find myself asking them 'ahh what colours are in YOUR spring?' hehe

Primrose in the right hand corner.

Louise 2nd from the bottom, middle row.

Also i've been spending a lot of time with my lovely nephews because their mum (the super photographer, Rin Nelson) is busy, busy, busy and we have fun making cards for Uncle Ed, watching movies or feeding the ducks at the pond in front of my house and now i've also caught the youngest one's cold. Arrrgghhhh! With Upmarket this weekend i'm torturing my body with last minute errands and sewing when i should be cuddled in bed with warm tea by my side. So naughty!

The gorgeous nephews who we refer to as
Chicken Little and Mousie =)

Photography from their talented Mummy!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Only 1 week before Upmarket and i can tell my body has gone into uber stress mode because i'm already daydreaming of places to go to rest my poor tired self. Sometimes i dream of log cabins somewhere cold but lately i have the urge to wiggle my toes in white sandy beaches & swim in crystal clear waters. Being in Australia you wouldn't think that would be too hard to find however i woke up today to clouds which means autumn has surely arrived and winter is just around the corner.

So today, as i'm sipping warm early grey tea & wearing my comfee trackies, my ideal holiday destination is the Maldives and Huvafen Fushi is where i long to be. With rooms starting at almost $1000 dollars a night in the low season i think it'll be a while til i get to swim in these waters but hey a girl can dream =)

How can you ever feel stressed in a place like this?

images from Mr and Mrs Smith

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dying of envy!

If ever there was a reason to be jealous of what fame and money can buy - this is it!! (As if we need more reasons) Feast your green eyes on the closets of the rich and famous, styled of course to make sure you walk away slightly overwhelmed and drunk on the flamboyancy which is their daily life.

Oh Nikki, famous by association, i love your wooden floors and your pink coat hangers are a sure giveaway that you're really a girly girl by heart.

Fergie love the ottoman and chandelier peaking above!

Rachel's closet is vintage heaven!

Love how Christina got all dolled up but left her lil one pantless haha
The pink is also a nice touch!

Argh Mariah! Each pair of shoes you own could probably put a child through school for a year and yet still i wanna rampage through your collection. Evil obviously has settled in by this point of the post.

Now i'm off to cry on my hubby's shoulder!

Food, flowers & love

I just loaded up these pics and thought i would share them with you =) Just a little tid bit into my life and my 3 favourite things - food, flowers & love!

The scrumptious breakie hubby cooked for me over the weekend.
No boring meals at our house!

Yummy carrot cake at C15 Espresso in Applecross.
Awesome coffee and deserts!

Reminiscing my own Yr 12 Ball, this gorgeous boutonniere was a delight to create! It was custom made with checkers being a requirement. When i get time i'll finally sit down and create some for my store.

This morning my bestie, Laura, moved to Newcastle to be with her boyfriend. As happy as i am for her and the adventure she's about to embark it didn't stop us from crying like two little school girls when it was time to say goodbye. I'm already making plans to visit her and i know we'll speak on the phone all the time however it won't be the same not seeing her almost every week for the last millions of years.

You're such a blessing to have in my life babes and I'll miss you greatly! I have every faith that you will do great things over east and just remember us little people when you're rich & famous =) Love ya!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh Miss Wang

Talk about inspiring! Vera Wang never fails to impress with these gorgeous bib necklaces i just found moments ago. The beading involved is insane!! I only wish i had the patience.

Images from neiman marcus & the gloss

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Amore No.17 - Prima Ballerina

All feels right and my world is at peace when i see gorgeous pics like these. There's something about ballerinas that make my heart sigh with adoration and inspires me to create a tutu of my own. Where in the world i'll ever be able to wear it is beyond me however with gorgeous designs like the ones from Ouma Clothing it makes you believe you can dress and feel like a princess everyday. Go visit Monique's etsy store for more beautiful designs.

images from ---> HERE

Friday, March 12, 2010

Some addictions are good for you.... promise!

Okies so lately i've been interiors obsessed and can you blame me with pics like these online? While i was studying Interior Decorating i started a ridiculous collection of interior magazines which filled my room to the point where my mum insisted i throw some out so there would be a decent pathway from the door to my bed. I heard what she had to say and then chose to ignore it as any daughter would of done. Now all grown up and married my addiction has been limited to 1 magazine a month and i get through the tough times with hours and hours of scouring the internet for a 'hit'. Sites like Design*Sponge and Decor Pad are my poison and has recently taken over me completely. So be prepared for more to come.... i'm no where near done =)

I bring you this stunning renovated brownstone from the people at The Brooklyn Home Company. Yes start gushing now!

Argh! Love the exposed beams!

The ladder leads to a guest bedroom. Soooo cute!

Could you not just cook all day in this kitchen?
Although, makes you wonder how they get all those dishes and pots & pans up so high on those shelves. I guess that's why man invented ladders. Scary tho.

Oh yes i can definitely picture myself sleeping here =)

Clean, organised and white.... all the best things about a bathroom.

With wood sculpture/designer Fitzhugh Karol and jewellery designer Lyndsay Caleo collaborating with The Brooklyn Home Company on the project could expect anything less than perfection? I seriously doubt it.

Images from Design*Sponge

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Indulging my girly side

Lately i've been on the hunt for inspirational interiors. I think it goes in hand with house hunting which is what hubby and i've been doing. Seeing that hubby is clueless when it comes to decorating (2 books and a tea cup on the bedside table doesn't count babes) i figured i'll take the reigns on this and build up a wish list. Now if only i can stick to one style.... this is going to be hard.

images from decor pad and proper hunt

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Overtaken by blooms

I finally found my camera charger and was able to take some pics of the many handmade flowers taking over my studio at the moment. I'm creating as many as i can before i lose momentum which is always bound to happen. I've also made this gorgeous turquoise felt rose which will be a new addition to Olive Farm. I'm so excited.... times a ticking.

Feeling Turquoise

Being my other favourite colour at the moment (i'm a hardcore PINK fan) i couldn't resist searching the net for turquoise interiors. As much as i love the colour i doubt i could live in a house where every room had the same colour theme going through it. Still i'm totally in love with the turquoise head board... i wonder if i can convince hubby for a change... hmmm.

{images from}
Living & Bedroom - Maureen Lynne

Dining - My Home Ideas
Kitchen - Apartment Therapy
Bathroom - Point Click Home

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hooray for Hollywood!

To continue my rant about the Oscars i've come up with my top picks of the night. Was disappointed not to see Anne Hathaway there =( Okies it's safe to assume i'm totally in love with the girl, however there were other young starlets looking fab on the red carpet.

So in no particular order ~

Oh Sandra, don't you just look gorgeous in this Marchesa gown. The pop of colour on the lips were a great touch and you know bout my weakness with eccentric beading! This just works for me =) I'm glad she won!

This dress grew on me the more i looked at it. With so many solid colours at the Oscars it was almost a relief to see someone where a patterned print. Rachel looks so darling in a strapless Elie Saab Spring 2010 gown with a sweetheart neckline. I like that she chose minimum accessories that didn't compete with the dress and makes her look that much more sophisticated!

I haven't seen much of Cameron Diaz lately and seeing her all dolled up for the Oscars was just a reminder of how beautiful she is. Dressed in a Oscar de la Renta Fall 2010 gown she completely glowed. I love that she wore her hair down rather than up which soften her look even more.

Maggie is always so cool and not afraid to try something different which is one of the reasons why i just love her. Here she wears Dries van Noten strapless dress and looking stunning if i do say so myself. I couldn't resist using a pic with her gorgeous bro Jake! Argh! i just love him! (sorry baby)

In my opinion Penelope Cruz looked at least 10 years younger on screen last night. There were some mixed reviews online about her dress chose but i simply love it! She looked absolutely breathtaking in this burgundy strapless Donna Karan gown.

Such beautiful women *siiigggghhhhh*

Images from Red Carpet Fashion Awards & Go Fug Yourself