Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New pieces in store

Just listed some new pieces in my etsy store & I'm happy with the pics, despite being my own model hehe =) Although I have what you might call 'signature' techniques in my flowers I always try to research different ways to improve my craft. It's such a thrill to discover a new way of doing something and it motivates me to be innovative in my work. Things are just getting bigger and better here at Olive Farm. Very exciting times!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Olive Farm SALE!

Between 24th April - 26th April 2010 i'm taking 20-30% off selected items on my Facebook Fanpage. If you ever wanted to own an original Olive Farm piece this is the sale not to miss!

Friday, April 23, 2010

{Shop Update}

Over the next few days you'll see a few new pieces trickling into my etsy shop. Hopefully the clouds will stay away so i can take more photos =)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lack of sleep = lack of posts.

Being a night owl is really taking it's toll on me. I can easily work til 4am and then sleep to just after lunch time to get the full required 8 hours however i know it's not the productive way to do things. Often i miss the necessary sunlight i need to take pictures and cutting my days in half only means i need to rush to the post office and run other errands as soon as i wake up.

So i've been trying this experiment for the last week or so, where i would go to bed (regardless of how tired i am) at the same time as my hubby which is usually around 11.30pm and i would try to fall asleep. Some nights i'm staring at the ceilings for hours, other nights i'm out like a light, usually from a previous night of staring at the ceiling. I don't leave my alarm on and let my body naturally wake up when it's good and ready.

It's taken just over 7 days and i think it's starting to work. I go to bed around midnight, turning off all distractions (like the tv and my comp), and although i still lay there thinking for a while my mind gets tired faster and waking itself at around 9am the next day. I'm hoping to train my body to sleep at 11pm and wake up at 7am so i can have breakfast with Hubby before he goes to work. *crossed fingers*

image from ----> HERE

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dearest Rain

Tonight i stepped outside for a moment and i felt you nearby. The nights are getting cooler and i'm starting to wear layers to keep warm. Will you be paying us a visit soon? Please do not come back in the same fashion as that nasty storm not too long ago. It was very terrifying and inconvenient with the black out and all. Instead can you please ease us into this winter, slowly and lovingly? I've always preferred you to all the other weather conditions, despite falling sick almost every time you come to visit. I promise to parade around in new winter coats and boots, as well as continue searching for that red umbrella i've vowed to own. I will sip many warm teas and cook as many hearty soups as hubby will allow. I will spend as much time snuggling and prance around the house in the most comfee pj's i can find. I look forward to seeing you and i'll try not to whinge too much when you're finally here.

With love - Liv

image from ---> here

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ohhhhh Zooey!

Argh! i absolutely adore this girl. She's so cool and hip without all that Hollywood flakiness that follows other celebrities. I love all her movies, loves that she's also a singer and just think she's stunning! The perfect model for Olive Farm, don't you think? hehe

Images from Everything In My Head


Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have fabulous plans on the weekend. Mine will be spent organising and giving my studio a much needed tidy up. Upmarket was 2 weeks ago and i still have things in boxes. Yikes! Speaking of Upmarket (notice the segway?) i forgot to mentioned i met a lovely chick by the name of Nat who is the designer behind Dizzy Wizzy Designs. She creates fabulous invites and stationary and was kind enough to feature me on her website. I love meeting new people at markets, it's the best place to make contacts and miggle with other creative types.

Also I'm hoping to introduce more colours in my collection. Turquoise, purples, yellow and red will slowly be making more and more appearances in Olive Farm, keep a look out =)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

All about being nude

Christopher Kane Nude Dress & Jasmine De Milo Dress

Ivy Nude Dress & Lavin Nude Dress

Haute Hippe Sequin Tulle Dress & John Rocha Nude Rose Dress

Nowadays there are a lot of dresses out there that doesn't leave much to the imagination and i believe you can look classy without having to bear all. Flirty and fun, the nude dress is such a great dress to own and matched with some killer heals you're ready to hit the town =) I also adore how many variations there are out there and how versatile the colour is. You can wear it to a wedding, high tea with the girls, clubbing to the wee hours or on a romantic date with your man. What ever the occassion i admit i do go gaga over skin tone fabrics hehe

Dresses From
~ Lavin Nude Dress, Ivy Nude Dress, Christopher Kane Nude Dress, Haute Hippe Sequin Nude Dress, John Rocha Nude Rose Dress, Jasmine De Milo Nude Dress

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

M&M Wedding

Yesterday Hubby & i attended the very special wedding of our dearest friends Ming & Michelle whom we lovingly refer to as 'the M&M's'. I've known the couple since high school and have a really close friendship with the groom (he was the MC at our wedding). The whole day was filled with love and the laughter of friendship. There's nothing more magical then witnessing the union of two great people. Such a wonderful day =)

Saying 'I do' at Caversham House

Handsome Hubby who filled in for me as i was too croaky for the poem reading.
Notice the boutonniere I made for him? hehe


Mr and Mrs Lim

Gorgeous Decor

Stealing a kiss before cutting the cake.... naaaaawww

Old Friends - 12 years in the making =)

Giggles and Love

Congratulations Guys! We're so happy for the both of you *HUGS*

Monday, April 5, 2010

Amore No.18 - Lou and Lee

One of the great things about being a designer is knowing that given enough time i pretty much can create my own hair accessories and rarely need to shop for any, unless it's absolutely gobsmacking fantastic that i simply can't resist! Lou and Lee is such a brand.

Their oh-so-darling baby headbands are too cute for words and i know if i ever have a daughter or a little niece i will be buying up a storm of these gorgeous designs. Have you ever seen anything so lovely? I also recommend you jump on their blog, it's a great read with a lot of wonderful stories of her lil mister =)

Friday, April 2, 2010


Two of my biggest weaknesses combined - turquoise & cupcakes! *sighhhhhh*

images from Polka Dot Bride

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pinch and Spoon

I'm such a fan of textiles, well obviously since i use it in my designs, however i believe my pieces are still considered conventional by public standards and i find that i'm eager to break free from the mold of what is considered as 'accessories'.

Labels such as 'PINCH AND SPOON' is an example of taking something pure and natural and turning it into modern wearable art pieces. There's an almost holistic approach to the designs which i just love and with creations like these how could you not? Another tick for WA designers =)

images from pinch and spoon

Give away on Face Book!

Tiffany - Hair piece & brooch

Hi guys, I'm doing another giveaway on my fanpage on Face Book. If you're interested on winning the above piece just hop over to my fanpage and leave a comment letting me know why you love it so much =) The winner will be randomly drawn on Monday 5th April and I'll ship the item to any place in the world for free. Cmonnn you know you want it hehe

With Love,