Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oz Bush Fire Appeal

On Saturday morning 7th February bush fires started in the country area of Victoria, Australia, by Saturday night more than 1000 properties had been destroyed and many lives lost. Til this day firemen and police are still fighting to calm the devastating flames that continue to burn in many towns. Thousands have lost their homes, their lively hood and even loved ones =( not to mention the damage to the natural flora and fauna.
Felicity Fairy a member of etsy has banned together with members of the DUST team to create the Oz Bush Fire Appeal where hundreds of etsy members from around the world have donated some of their handmade goods for sale with all profits going to The Red Cross for the victims of this terrible ordeal. It's very touching to see the members of etsy rally together to help those in a time of need, especially with whats currently happening with the world market.
In an effort to help the cause I've donated these adorable turquoise hair clips.
Touch the Sky - Turquoise Felt Accessories
Please contact The Red Cross for further contributions and support those who need it most.


belleandboo said...

thanks for highlighting the appeal, I will make sure I contribute, lovely hair clips also

Osier! said...

yeehoo, i now own myself a pair of these puppies, i get heaps of compliments.