Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feed the Soul - Give it Chocolate!

With the weather man promising cloudy days all this week i cant help but wanna stay in my pajamas and indulge in steaming mugs of hot chocolate (lets not forget the marshmallows). With that in mind i trolled Etsy this morning finding all things 'hot chocolate' and here is my top 5 pick.

Chocolate Polka Dot Half Apron - Tinder Designs


Hot Chocolate Lip Balm - Miapella Organics
Chocolate Brown & White Damask - Warm Hugs Corn Bags

Leaf Green Coffee Jacket - Knot Sew Cute
Blue Cup of Hot Chocolate Ring - Fakery Bakery 2

Awww these scrumptious goodies are the perfect accessories for a cold day don't' you think? *pauses* hang on.... there's sunshine coming from my window!

Stoopid weather man!

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