Thursday, November 5, 2009

Amore No. 10 - Time Outs!

At the exhibition

There are simply not enough hours in the day! yup, that thought has been running through my mind for the past week or so as i busily prepare for my upcoming markets. From the moment i wake up to the wee hours into the night my poor little fingers have been frantically sewing, cutting, gluing... you name it. I've gone craft mental and it's not because i haven't been organise but more due the to huge response of 'The Wedding Story' pics launched on FB last week & last minute orders which i probably should have said no to but too late now.

I also keep changing my mind with the overall theme of my display. Should i stay with the original fun & quirky or lean more towards the new Olive Farm? which has a girly & sophisticated touch to everything. Argghhhh! decisions, decisions.

My poor mind needed a break so i was grateful when my baby sister invited me to her Tafe Clock exhibition a few nights back. Novi (my sis) is studying furniture design and her class was given the assignment of designing and making a clock from their own hands, easy right? wrong! i mean it's fair to say when your restricted with nothing your imagination can really go crazy, well so i think hehe

Here's a few pics of the night ~

Novi and her lego masterpiece =)

Cool orange floor clock

Not a bad spread for big crowd hehe

Kinda like a satellite, don't you think?

My mum was soooo close to buying this. Her reason 'it looks cool!' haha

Awesome fluke shot of moi while cooling off outside =) Thanks Rin!

It was a little humid inside hence the crowd outside.

Overall it was really nice to take a break from preparing for the markets and just mingling with other artsy fartsy people =) Well done Nov, awesome work!

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