Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dearest Rain

Tonight i stepped outside for a moment and i felt you nearby. The nights are getting cooler and i'm starting to wear layers to keep warm. Will you be paying us a visit soon? Please do not come back in the same fashion as that nasty storm not too long ago. It was very terrifying and inconvenient with the black out and all. Instead can you please ease us into this winter, slowly and lovingly? I've always preferred you to all the other weather conditions, despite falling sick almost every time you come to visit. I promise to parade around in new winter coats and boots, as well as continue searching for that red umbrella i've vowed to own. I will sip many warm teas and cook as many hearty soups as hubby will allow. I will spend as much time snuggling and prance around the house in the most comfee pj's i can find. I look forward to seeing you and i'll try not to whinge too much when you're finally here.

With love - Liv

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