Monday, May 10, 2010

Amore No.19 - Holly Stalder

Although I've been married for a few years now, being in the industry I'm in, I still spend a lot of my spare time researching weddings and anything to do with them. Following the work of other fellow designers, discovering new fabrics and techniques, finding out the latest themes, colours etc If I don't have any orders to fill and my supplies are up I could spend hours going through the collections of other designers 'oooohhhing' and 'aaahhhing' over their gorgeous works. I believe its an important part of running a business, knowing what others are doing and using it as motivation, inspiration and just appreciating the company of people your in. 

I especially have a soft spot for independent designers like Holly Stalder. With her love of vintage fabrics and her organic way of assembling stunning one of a kind pieces for brides my heart just gushes with delight. She is the kind of designer I would love to collaborate with and spend hours gabbing with over tea and scones. Check out her etsy store and I bet you'll fall in love just like I did =)

{images from Holly Stalder}

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