Thursday, May 13, 2010

{Etsy Wedding Challenge}

I was talking to one of my girlfriends yesterday about Etsy and all the amazing things you can find. Haven't really gone on the site before she was doubtful, yet i insisted and even went as far as saying 'you could even plan a whole wedding from etsy alone!' which she replied 'Yeah, whatever!'. So that's the challenge. Can you plan a wedding from etsy? of course minus some details like venue, music, groom hehe 

From now on I'm going to be planning an imaginary wedding as much to my ability, using only items i find on etsy. To make it a little more realistic i'll give myself a brief, budget and time line.  From the many hours already spent browsing i'm confident i can plan one hell of a shindig and prove my friend wrong hehe

Brief - Operation project wedding
Couple - Lilly Maiko and Thomas Steller 
Wedding date -  Saturday 31st July 2010 (it's winter in Perth)
Theme - Quirky, fun and intimate
Colours - Blues/Greens
Wedding Party - 2 bridesmaids/ 2 groomsmen
Guest - 80 people
Budget - $15,000 AUD (remember etsy is in USD so this might be tricky)

I'll also be including some handy DIY from my favourite sites to help others planning their big day.

At the very least i hope to have fun with this project and get to know my fellow etsians.

Wish me luck =)

image By the super talented Elizabeth Messina from KISS THE GROOM

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