Saturday, June 12, 2010

Recovering from Bali bliss

It's been about a week since Hubs, friends and I came home from 8 lovely days in Bali (yes, Bali again! It's starting to feel like a 2nd home hehe) and body is still on holiday mode. For some reason time completely slowed down when we were over there and now that we're back i know i need to get focused for the busy months ahead but i'm recovering from being toooo relaxed. 

This time around we hired a private villa with our own swimming pool, kitchen and living/dining room. I couldn't believe how massive the place was, there was sooo much space and privacy. I loved it and would recommend it to anyone going over there. Plus the food! arghhh my tummy still grumbles over the delicious food we had. Okies enough talk, here's some photos - 

We stayed at Villa Arjuna in Seminyak right on famous Jalan Laksmana with all the popular restaurants.

Gorgeous Cafe Bali which served yummy food in an oh-so-chic environment. I couldn't believe there was even a little lap pool at the back of the restaurant. Thanks Laura for the recommendation =)

I mentioned we had a lot of delicious meals right? hehe The variety of food in Bali is fantastic. One night we had seafood, then Japanese, then Italian, then local Indonesian, and it kept changing every night!

This might be hard to believe but on one of the nights we went to see Boy George on Kuta beach. Some of us were a bit hesitant about going but the tickets were only $20aud and we knew there were other acts on the night including a fashion show, cabaret, dj's and bands. It was sooo awesome coz he wasn't actually singing but dj'ing! Dancing to cool tunes, barefooted on the beach with friends was one of the highlights of the trip, especially when it lightly started to drizzle rain on us =)

I had such an awesome time and loved i could share my experience with good friends. Hubby and i are eager to go back tho we probably should explore other parts of the world hehe We'll see, so much going on with Olive Farm and life in general but i'll save that for another post *wink*

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