Monday, June 21, 2010

Meet the artist - Bec from B.H.O

Fortunately for me Perth has a group of talented crafty women who catch up once in a while to share stories, advice and fill our tummies with yummy food hehe We support each other at markets, help one another whenever we can, it's fantastic!

I hope to feature some of these ladies whom have shown much support and encouragement to other fellow designers, starting with Bec from B.H.O. I sent Bec a few questions to give you an insight on her life as a designer. 

1. What inspired you to create your own business?
This never started out as a business for me. My eldest started kindy and for 6 months I wasn't sure what to do with myself and then I started sewing again after having a long time off. I did my first market in July of 2009 and it was a hit! Out of 20 bags and 10 wallets I created, I came home with 4 bags and 3 wallets, a pocket full of cash and with demands for more. I could not believe it!

2. Describe a typical working day for you?
Get up and have the desperate cup of tea, get my 5 year old off to school, check the mail box and head home to clean and hopefully find some time to either get inspired or create. Pick up Sydney and cook dinner, put the kids to bed around 7.30 and well that's when the madness starts. Sometimes I'll sew til 1am, other times I will give up by 9pm. I keep my lil one, who is about to turn 3, into daycare 2 days a week which are also my sewing/organising days.

3. Where does you inspiration come from?
I have always loved a wide range of fabric, from retro linens to Amy Butlers Designer cottons. I am attracted by the fabrics, clashing colours and functionality. Most of my inspiration comes from "I want something that does this!!", then I make it and hopefully someone else will love it too.

4. What advice can you offer others starting off?
As an avid market seller (I'm not a fan of online selling) I have discovered the hard way that there are good and bad markets. Don't be discouraged if things don't go well. It could be nothing to do with you, the market may not suit you. One of the biggest mistakes I made starting out was I made my prices too cheap!! Do not underestimate yourself and the quality of your products. Handmade items are not longer what your Mother makes, it is unique and uber cool!!

5. Where to you hope to be in 5 years?
I would love to see B.H.O as a business. When both of my children are at school I would certainly love to pursue this as more than a hobby. I would like to see myself in more stores. I am in one over east in Wollongong and I'm certainly aiming for more. 

Reversable and washable bags!

 Hot leather coin purses that can fit both cards and coins! I've got one in turquoise!

Check out Bec's gorgeous handmade bags this weekend at Perth Upmarket, as well as Face Book and her Etsy store.

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