Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nappies, shoots & getaways.

With babies due date fast approaching I've been working overtime to get orders out and organising the house in anticipation of their arrival. Despite being kid people, Hubs and i are often still at a complete lost on what to get and how much of. I mean 5 boxes of newborn diapers is enough right? Considering each box contains 108 diapers... argh! We don't know! 

We've packed and repacked the hospital bags over and over again as it seems first-time-parent nerves have definitely been lurking bout the house. Strangely enough the one thing i'm not nervous about is delivering the babies. Sure like most women i've heard the horror stories that come with the experience such as the mind blowing pain, the accidental pooping & heaven forbid, tearing (yikes!) but i figured the female body was designed for this and as painful as i'm sure it will be, at the end of the day - I'll be okay.

On top of all this I still have bridal orders to fulfill & just last weekend i did my last Olive Farm shoot with my sis before she leaves for overseas. It was a fantastic day & I had an awesome team of people helping. Here are some sneak peaks of the shoot - 

Once Rin has finished editing the pics I'll list them in my store, til then it's back to bridal orders & preparing for a much needed 'sisters only' getaway this weekend to Margaret River. We figured with so much happening, Rin moving, me having babies it was well overdue & i'm super excited to be going. 

Hope you have a super fun filled weekend too =) I promise to take lots of pics!

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