Friday, May 4, 2012


Oh people of blog world, it's been far too long! 

Where have i been? i hear you ask. In a word - busy. I never thought motherhood would take as much time as it has & will probably continue to do so. It's been way over a year since my last post but only a few months since my last unpublished post. Secretly for a while now I've been writing unpublished posts, trying to find the words to come back into blog land however they never seemed good enough to published til now (well that's the plan).

I guess I realised and accepted there's really no right way to reenter so i figured why not just dive back in and see if anyone noticed you were missing in the first place haha 

Over the next few posts I'll be updating you on what's been happening but for now i want to leave you with some images of my latest 2012 collection. I hope the pieces inspire you to come back & visit me soon. I wanted to end the post by promising not to disappear again but with 1 year old twins now in my life I'm afraid no such promise can be made. 

As if you didn't already know, motherhood is hard yo!

{Airlia} Ethereal
{Adalia} Noble  
{Adora} Beloved one  
{Adela} noble and serene    
{Ahelia} Breathe
{Audrey} Noble strength

Just a few of my favs from the new collection. View entire range ---- HERE!

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