Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pinning like no tomorrow

As you all know Pinterest is all the rage at the moment. A site that lets you collect gorgeous images & organises them in boards?! Seriously, how can you not get hooked? It's almost like being able to finally organise that messy pantry but instead that pantry is your head and the mess? well that's everything else.

Like others following the Pinterest craze, I can easily send 3-4 hours on the site... a day!! my husband has voiced his concerns & although his worries a dully noted, there's no waaayyyyy i'll give it up! Happy wife, happy life!

As a designer I think it's important to have that visual board in front of you to act as your go-to for inspiration. I'm a very visual person & I believe i've been blessed with great memory & attention to detail. So seeing everything in one place is almost therapeutic. Yeahhhhh therapeutic =) 

If you wish to see what all this rambling is about check out MY PINTEREST page. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do. Here's some images of my boards -

From my Embellish board

From my Fleur board

From my Merchandise board

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