Friday, April 3, 2009

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For a while now i've been revisiting my favourites list on Etsy as a way to determine what kind of mood i've been in. I started with a felt craze since most of my products are made of felt, I then moved on to most things girly with pink colour palettes. There was a sudden change of pace when i started visitin sites that housed baby booties (is that a hint? yikes!) and now im onto my next flavour of the month - soap.

Yup, soap! so simple yet delicious =)

I believe it has something to do with the fact that hubby and i have taken to our kitchen like white on rice and are creating a variety of dishes from scratch, mainly desserts... yummm! First there were the cupcakes, then chocolate pudding, followed by the lemon cheese cake, then we went one step better and created self saucing chocolate pudding... phewww i'm tired just from writing it all! hehe Aside from achieving constant sugar highs there's something about creating 'art' in the kitchen that really appealed to us.

So while on the search for more scrumptious recipes i stumbled onto some for soap and that just opened another can of crazy all together. We someday hope to challenge ourselves and create our own soap but for now here are a few faves from Etsy.
Honey bunch soap from Inner Earth Soaps
Strawberry swirl cupcakes by Love Lee Soaps
Stinky Hippie Vegan by You Stink Soap (just love the name hehe)

Yummy looking Ice cream bars from A Breath Of French Air

Raspberry Lemonade by Hansen Soap Co.

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Hansen Soap Co. said...

Thanks so much for including my soaps :) You have a wonderful collection of soaps here. They all look very yummy!!!