Monday, April 6, 2009

My Other Half

In blog land I refer to him as the hubby, the jock or simply just eddee however i never go into too much detail bout anything else.

You see he is what i would call my rock.

He grounds me, he encourages me and supports me 100% in all my endeavors... especially the crazy ones! I can't count the number of times I've dragged him to Ikea, spotlight or riot and recently he's been kind enough to give up some of his 'weekend time' and explore potential markets with me.
He is my very best friend and the most wonderful husband i could ever have wished for *gosh how i do go on...*
Eddee and I taking a coffee break at Unwrapped in South Perth
Another FANTASTIC trait about him is that he cooks! yes that's right... read it and weep ladies, i bagged a man who can cook without leaving the kitchen looking like a nuclear disaster! haha This last weekend he attempted to make Peking duck and it came out fabulously! I now fear our kids will prefer daddy's cooking over mummy's causing mad competitiveness unlike the world has ever seen.
ahh did i mentioned he cooks with his shirt off? haha

Just in case i don't say it enough.... i love you Mr =)

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