Thursday, August 20, 2009


It's late and i should be asleep but as my title states.. i'm annoyed.

While cleaning up my extensive blog list which i save on my desktop i was surprised to stumble across a blog (which i saved last year but hadn't revisited until now) that had products which are all too familiar with me.

To be frank, aside from the different choice in material the item(s) are exactly like mine! Colour, shape, and form. I checked to see when this particular person listed his/her item and it was this year in May. I listed my item almost a year ago.

I know, as an artist, i draw inspiration from other designers and i may even have thought to myself ' i sooooo can do that!' but isn't there some moral code which is understood by fellow etsians that you just don't copy peoples stuff. period!!

There is such a fine line when it comes to intellectual property which i know everyone crosses once in a while, even me, i just wasn't expecting to see it tonight.

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