Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On Hiatus!!

I never thought living without the Internet could have this much effect on Olive Farm but i guess that's what naivety does to you =(

I've been back for over a month now however as soon as we returned hubby and i had to pack up our home and move since our lease was up and we found a lovely place south of the river. I always knew things were going to be hectic when we came back however i didn't count for the nasty, horrible food poisoning we caught from overseas. Luckily it started on our first night back and not on the plane ride home *phhhewwwww* Being ill slowed us down majorly and simple tasks suddenly became monstrous obstacles.

Once we moved and unpacked what seemed like a million boxes we discovered that our phone line is too far from the exchange, my hubby's nerd talk for 'can't get the internet'. This put a complete stop to all Olive Farm updates, news, listings etc and poor livvy was cut off from her 'world'. The only option we have is to install a wireless modem and upgrade our limit which is going to rack up a lot of $$$! Hubby is on the hunt for the best plan for us and while he does that i have been busy creating different pieces, incredibly eager to showcase them online.

Hopefully soon everything will be up and running but until then i guess i will have to drive to my parents place every few days to see whats happening in the etsy world.

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