Friday, February 12, 2010

{Olive Farm Update}

For those out there who read this blog, first of all thank you for your support and i will do my best keeping you updated on the happenings of Olive Farm as well as little tid bits here and there about moi.

Olive Farm will be participating in Upmarket @UWA on the 28th March so aside from filling in orders I'm kept busy creating enough products to cater the large crowd Upmarket brings. As previously mentioned in an older post i sold out on some popular items and as wonderful as that feels i want to make sure i have enough products this time round.

I will also be going to Bali on a buying trip/holiday in May with Hubby and a few friends. Last time i was there i picked up some gorgeous silks and i plan to buy more! Also being Indonesian helps (slightly) as communication isn't too much of an issue however i also value how hardworking the Balinese are and the craftsmanship that goes into their work.

I have a HUGE project in June which will be kept under wraps until details are figured out but i'm super excited. It will be my biggest shoot yet, working with multiple models and in a studio this time!

So while this is all happening I'll endeavor to keep you all up to date and i'll continue on adding new pieces and info on new ideas, like these gorgeous flower shoe clips i've started making =) Have a FABULOUS weekend!

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