Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

one day i'll be here!
with only a few hours left til the new year it's usually about this time i think back and reminisce. Boy 2008 sure came with some surprises! On top of my head, here are a few of the things that has happened or i've discovered in 2008.
- I married the bear who still to this day surprises me with gestures of unconditional love and support (i love you baby)
- Olive Farm was born
- Some friends have made the big move over East and i miss them terribly. Waaaah! Sals & Avi! Judith come home and make me tea!
- Since becoming a wifey i've discovered that i'm not that bad a cook haha
- I can sew... who knew?!
- My relationship with IKEA has become... serious
- I'm still and always will be a daddy's girl
- More than ever i value the circle of people who surround me, mainly due to their generous help during the wedding. True colours always comes out during big events and these guys are trully golden.
- The time i've invested into Olive Farm, tho long and tiring, have been worth more to me than any other type of 'work' i previously done.
- Maybe... just maybe... i'm ready to be a mummy =)
- I'm learning on a daily basis to put God before everything
- I've never been so happy
I hope you all have a fabulous NYE, filled with laughter and loved ones. I look forward to what God has installed for me (and you) in 2009.
If i had to wrap up this year with one word it absolutely would be - LOVE


Anonymous said...

Oooh sweet list. Do I hear the pitter patter of tiny feet coming in 2009? =D

Happy New Year, Liv!

Sarah / Tea For Bini

olivefarm said...

haha we'll see... *wink*

I hope you had a great New Years too Sarah. I wore flat shoes last night and still woke up to sore feet haha

that totally gives away my age =)