Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Saving for a holiday means having to say 'NO!' to every pair of boots I've been eyeing for the past month or so. For a shoe-a-holic, this is torture! So if i can't buy it, I'll just have to make it... or in this case - sew it!
loveHussy boot in electric Lime - Oh yeahhh!
It's the first pouch from the collection I'm planning to create called 'must have!'. I'll be collecting pieces from the latest Instyles and Vogues, put my embroidery skills to the test by sewing them onto canvas pouches, set them up in my etsy store for people in similar situations and *cue trumpets* ta ta ta daaaaaa.... problem solved! You get what you want for only a fraction of the price!
waaaayyy more affordable than the original hehe

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