Monday, May 11, 2009

Not the real me

It's been a week since my first market and i'm slowing coming to the realisation that i am not like other bloggers... well not the ones i read anyways. To be honest with you i havent actually been honest with you, not 100%.

As i write my words i am very cautious of what i am saying. I can't be like one of those people who can reveal all on the net. I can't. I'm worried about what you might think of me or God forbid my Dad finds my words and questions me later. Also once i put it all out there i cant take it back. I feel silly saying im going to do something and not do it. So i often find myself avoiding... well... you.

The reason why i do what i do is simply because i love it. Being creative is the most natural thing to me. I never considered my life any other way. I dream of buildings, especially interiors. In fact my favourite thing to do just before i fall asleep is imagine different rooms and slowing designing the interiors, from the floor finishes to the vase on the coffee table. When they announced the new reality show 'Home Made' i almost cried tears of joy haha that is how much i love it.

Doing anything creative gives me such happiness that it fills my heart with purpose. As if God was saying with neon lights in the sky 'THIS IS WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO DO!!' and i would agree. It only made sense to try and turn the thing i love into a business so i could literally live off it. There has been some hits however also some misses. I guess i'm still trying to find that edge which will satisfy my artsy side and yet also lure people to my products.

I realise now that i must stay committed to my blog as well as my craft, i mean how else will you get to know me and understand my creative process?

I'll try to be better, promise =)

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6p00d83514287a53ef said...

I'm like you. There's loads I really really want to write about but always delete before posting.

But thats ok. You don't have to bare your soul to have a good blog. You just have to be interesting...and you are.