Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Honey, honey

A few days ago i received one of the best gifts ever! A tiny little honey pot in the shape of a bee hive *sigggghhh* okay. okay. Before you spit out your morning coffee with a 'whhhhhaaaaat?!!' let me explain why this gift is so great.

1. My birthday was yonks ago and any gift outta the blue puts a smile on even the grumpiest of grumpy bums.
2. Its the kinda thing i would awe about when i pass in stores but never actually buy, only cos telling myself 'i just gotta have it' doesn't seem enough of a justification... especially to my hubby.
3. My darling gal pal gave it to me =) and because the gift is soooo livvy, it just goes to show how well she knows me!
4. I drink tea with honey religiously and so it's also a practical gift. yes.. practical.
5. It's just so darn cute!

Moments like these makes me all gooey inside knowing there are people out there who think of ME when they go shopping *muahahaha* 1 down, 6 billion to go!

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