Friday, January 15, 2010

{All Mine} & mini Update

Soft pinkish/peach silk, hand embellished with pearl seed & crystal beading.
Occasionally when i'm not creating custom orders and have a few hours to myself i quietly sit by my desk, scissors in one hand, piles of fabric usually on my lap and without any agenda i start to cut away without a care in the world. I allow the creative juices to bubble up and eventually spill over into a design frenzy and usually by the end of it a piece will come into fruition.
A piece just for moi =)

Sooner or later i end up recreating them for my shop however i always keep the original for myself, like an architect keeping his/hers blueprints.

2010 seems more exciting than ever for Olive Farm with new projects in the mix and pieces coming out at a steady flow.
Here just a few insights on what's in stall for the new year -

:: Buying trip mid year with Hubby
:: More shoots! Outdoors as well as some studio time =)
:: More markets! I love meeting and talking to new clients as well as showcasing new lines.
:: Olive Farm website *fingers crossed*
:: Teaming up with a fashion buyer for potential fashion show
:: More exposure baby!

Stay tuned =)


Niina A. said...

Ooo Liv I love it, it's so pretty and dainty!

olivefarm said...

Thanks Niina =) I'm absolutely in love with it!