Saturday, January 23, 2010

I heart getting older!

Some people freak out with just the mention of turning older, some can't bring themselves to admit their age but me.... i love my birthdays. It feels like New Years all over and as i countdown to midnight i know my slate is being wiped clean and i come out on the other side relaxed, happy, wiser and well.... older =)

Today I'm 29! And for the first time since being together hubby isn't here to celebrate with me. The beautiful man is volunteering as a camp facilitator for Rotary Youth and i haven't seen him for 6 days now. He'll be back in less than 48hrs and I'm eager to smother him with hugs & kisses (mushy i know) I however was not alone today. I spent the day with my lil sis and then dined with my dearest girlfriends, followed by the movie 'Nine'.

It was the kind of get together where everyone is laughing uncontrollably, words of praise & joy are thrown about effortlessly. All in all, we were all so happy and although hubby wasn't around to see me turn 29, when I'm an old woman and look back over the years, I will remember being surrounded by absolute love on this particular birthday.

ps - I was incredibly inspired from 'Nine' and as i was watching it i was mentally sketching pieces in my head hehe Can't wait to start =)

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