Thursday, January 21, 2010

Amore No. 12 - The Uniform Project

We are living in times where fashion is one of the single driving forces that fuels the economy. Most women (myself included) couldn't tell you what's happening in the stock market or in politics however ask us for an opinion on Valentino's latest collection and well.... how much time do you have?

In my opinion there's nothing wrong with saving up for that gorgeous pair of heels you've had your eye on for weeks or occasionally splurging on a special party dress however sometimes i feel that we've crossed borders from occasional splurging to down right crazy when i see people brag about how they've spent thousands and thousands for 1 single item of clothing, especially when there are those out there who only have 1 single item of clothing.

So when i stumbled across The Uniform Project my heart did little back flips of joy to see such a courageous gorgeous act of charity. It's so subtle, so simple (or so it seems) and it comes straight from the heart.

Founded by Sheena Matheiken and Eliza Starbuck in 2009, Sheena pledged to wear one dress, for one year in an exercise in sustainable fashion. Eliza design and created 7 identical dresses (one for every day of the week) and Sheena spruces them up with accessories, layering with other clothing and any other way to make them all look like completely different outfits.

The project is a dedicated year long fundraiser for the Akanksha Foundation, to fund the education of children living in Indian slums.

It's projects like this that makes me proud to be in this industry and inspires me to do my part.

** How can you help? Go to The Uniform Project to make a donation or to donate any accessories laying around that could go to better use =)


jessica said...

Hi there, This is Jessica from The Uniform Project. Thank you so much for this lovely post! We are constantly amazed and inspired by everyone's support and creativity (donations, ideas, stories etc) lent to our project. We really couldn't do it without you guys. And by the by, we are looking for stylish folk to wear our little black dress next year: Cheers from the U.P!

olivefarm said...

No problems Jessica! It's causes like The Uniform Project that need to be supported by other crafty folk =)