Sunday, January 24, 2010

Amore 13 - Cupcake Heaven

A little tid bit about moi - i have the worst weakness for anything sweet, especially if it comes in cake form. My poison.... cupcakes! I swear i'm an addict! I just can't say no despite my best effort to stay away but how can anyone stay away from these delicious pretty things. They're so cute and scrumptious and girly and i can go on and on.... *sighhhhhhh*

As soon as my eyes drifted over to the Milk and Honey Cafe blog i knew i was in serious trouble. Here is a chick who actual bakes these little darlings (plus other treats) and is kind enough to show us how. Gosh if it wasn't 1am I would probably head over to the shops now and buy nobs and nobs of butter.

My heart is racing, my tummy grumbling, my mouth practically drooling in anticipation for the these goodies. I can't wait to start and with pics like these can you really blame me?

images via milk and honey blog

Oh yes, i'm sooooo in trouble!

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