Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Big Reveal

I have to say that this blog has been sitting in cyber space untouched for at least a week and if it wasn’t for the unconditional support and encouragement from my husband I probably would have left it there for much longer.

The truth is I felt a little silly writing about
something I haven’t even done. I kept telling myself once I opened my etsy store I would start blogging and then I realized after reading a lot of other blogs from etsy users, that the best parts of their stories were about their journey, creative thought process and the inspiration behind their work.

There was also another part of me that said ‘%$#* it! I don’t need to justify why, just do it Liv!’ but I’ve only limited her to 1 red bull a day and she’s calmed down heaps since then haha

Well as you now know I am the creator/designer of the accessories label ‘Olive Farm’.

Previous to this venture I was and still actually consider myself a visual merchandiser. I studied Interior Decoration in Central Tafe, Perth WA and like most artists before me arts and crafts seemed to followed me for as long as I can remember ( in fact I’m surprised I didn’t come out of my mum with a sketch pad and lead pencil). As a little girl I would draw on everything, including my legs when I couldn’t find anything else and once my dad found out he spoilt my sisters and I by making us thick books out of butchers paper, which he stole from his fish & chips shop. I also recall me drawing lovely pictures on the wrapping of peoples orders which was discouraged by my dad when he caught me, though I seriously believed, at the time, my art was appreciated by the customers.

It came to no big surprise when I told my husband, family and close friends about my desire to create Olive Farm as the artistic juices were practically spilling from my head. The only thing I kept wondering was ‘why in goodness name didn’t I do this ageeessssss ago?’ however i've let that go and im now concentrating on the future.

Anyways I hope you tune in once in a while to see how things progress. For now I’m working late into the night most days, trying to create as many different pieces I can to showcase a variety of delicious little bits and pieces for when I finally DO open my store.

Wish me luck =)


Ali J said...

Nice to meet you! Great to see you telling your story on your blog. :) It is always a huge step to open up and reveal!

When did you study interior decoration at central tafe? I studied my course in 2000, and Beth (thetinylittlegirl) studied her course concurrently (she was study interior design which was the same course as mine/mixed classes for the first year) in 2000 and I believe 2001 also!

Perth is such a small world! great to see you've taken the plunge to open an etsy shop. :)

Oh and cool to see you will be at stereosonic! I might have art in the event, I'm not sure yet everything is a bit all over the place.

Be sure to keep in contact & pop into the forums at anytime.

olivefarm said...

Thanks for stopping by Ali =)

I started part time in 2003 so i probably just missed you girls. i sorta moved around at tafe as well, took a while to find my niche and even now im still exploring different avenues.

Perth is SO tiny! thats why its great that you and the others have come together to form a support group. It really does make me feel that im no alone and someone understands why im taking the road less traveled.

Anyways im going to Jane's place on Mon so hopefully i'll see ya there and maybe pick your brain =)

indy said...

Keep up with the good work.