Friday, November 21, 2008

Olive & Lollie

Before i get too ahead of myself let me tell you the story of how i even got here. Back in my Tafe days i met this gorgeous girl Laura who i clicked with automatically. She and i worked on assignments together and pretty soon started to catch up regularly after school hours. To say the least i absolutely believe that we are soul mates. In my opinion soul mates don't necessary need to have all that 'love' connotations attach to it. Soul mates can be two people who connect on a spiritual or soul level.

We've been besties for years now and have dreamt/talked about opening our own label one day. We came up with the name Olive & Lollie and had the ambition of creating beautiful girly designs but as usual work, family, loved ones kept us busy and so we only dabble in Olive&Lollie casually. Well lately we've been itchy like mad to get creative and have decided to design a girly clothing range that is separate from Olive Farm and her upcoming store Lolliette.

Today she popped over and we started making gorgeous roses from different ribbons and handsewed them on a singlet finished off with some lace. It's just a trial run to get the mojo happening but already we were squeeling with delight over the results.

close up of the roses
I can hear all the girly girls just sigh
Gorgeous Laura modelling

Thanks babes for being you =)

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