Monday, November 17, 2008

Rainbows at Stereo Sonic

Music festivals, gigs, or dance raves have always been a fave of mine. Forget the music for a second (tho some of the performances have been out of this world eg Daft Punk) and focus on the people. I adore seeing what cool outfits ppl come up with, the event is usually a visual overload of a million colours and i love it! My friends and i always pick a colour for the event and wear matching singlets with our lil logos sewed on or some other design to make us stand out from the crowd, thus easier to find eachother in a tent of like 300+.

Stereo Sonic Music festival is less than 2 weeks away and we've decided on Orange as the colour of choice. Eddee and i plan on doing something alil different (will update later) and thinking about the day inspired me to create this ultra girly rainbow headband which i will wear on that Sunday.

I'm also thinking of creating more for my upcoming etsy store and will probably experiment with different colour arrangments.

To all the Perthians going to Stereo... keep your eyes open for rainbows =) I've also decided to take photos of randoms wearing standout outfits, so be prepared to be snapped haha

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