Thursday, November 13, 2008

Home is where the heart is...

My husband and I live in an adorable villa, in a block with 6 other houses. From day one I’ve spent all my energy turning the empty shell into what is now a comfortable home. The house is small enough for just us two but has enough space so it doesn’t feel crowded and we each have our own areas. I’ve taken over the spare bedroom and turned it into my studio and Ed has completely dominated the living space in front of the TV since getting a PS3 for his birthday.

My desk faces the window and I like to open up the curtains and let fresh light and air in as I do my work, as well as play music from the laptop. Across from us there is a family comprising of 3 people, mum, dad and a little boy about the age of 3. They’re a little shy but everyday mum and little boy go for a walk and I can always hear him shrieking in fits of laughter reminding me of my nephew Xavier.

If I’m not running around picking up supplies I can pretty much sit in my studio all day working. I tune out when I’m in the zone and so I try to get as much housework out of the way as possible so I can focus on Olive Farm.
Yesterday afternoon I created these cute little houses which I’ve decided to turn into key rings.

*no place like home*

Aside from finishing one of my pieces, my best part of the day is when I look up from what I’m in the middle of to see my husband walking past the window from his day of work and know that in a few minutes I’m going to get a kiss hello.

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