Friday, March 12, 2010

Some addictions are good for you.... promise!

Okies so lately i've been interiors obsessed and can you blame me with pics like these online? While i was studying Interior Decorating i started a ridiculous collection of interior magazines which filled my room to the point where my mum insisted i throw some out so there would be a decent pathway from the door to my bed. I heard what she had to say and then chose to ignore it as any daughter would of done. Now all grown up and married my addiction has been limited to 1 magazine a month and i get through the tough times with hours and hours of scouring the internet for a 'hit'. Sites like Design*Sponge and Decor Pad are my poison and has recently taken over me completely. So be prepared for more to come.... i'm no where near done =)

I bring you this stunning renovated brownstone from the people at The Brooklyn Home Company. Yes start gushing now!

Argh! Love the exposed beams!

The ladder leads to a guest bedroom. Soooo cute!

Could you not just cook all day in this kitchen?
Although, makes you wonder how they get all those dishes and pots & pans up so high on those shelves. I guess that's why man invented ladders. Scary tho.

Oh yes i can definitely picture myself sleeping here =)

Clean, organised and white.... all the best things about a bathroom.

With wood sculpture/designer Fitzhugh Karol and jewellery designer Lyndsay Caleo collaborating with The Brooklyn Home Company on the project could expect anything less than perfection? I seriously doubt it.

Images from Design*Sponge

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*~Ange~* said...

so light and breezy! love it!