Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Food, flowers & love

I just loaded up these pics and thought i would share them with you =) Just a little tid bit into my life and my 3 favourite things - food, flowers & love!

The scrumptious breakie hubby cooked for me over the weekend.
No boring meals at our house!

Yummy carrot cake at C15 Espresso in Applecross.
Awesome coffee and deserts!

Reminiscing my own Yr 12 Ball, this gorgeous boutonniere was a delight to create! It was custom made with checkers being a requirement. When i get time i'll finally sit down and create some for my store.

This morning my bestie, Laura, moved to Newcastle to be with her boyfriend. As happy as i am for her and the adventure she's about to embark it didn't stop us from crying like two little school girls when it was time to say goodbye. I'm already making plans to visit her and i know we'll speak on the phone all the time however it won't be the same not seeing her almost every week for the last millions of years.

You're such a blessing to have in my life babes and I'll miss you greatly! I have every faith that you will do great things over east and just remember us little people when you're rich & famous =) Love ya!

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