Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dying of envy!

If ever there was a reason to be jealous of what fame and money can buy - this is it!! (As if we need more reasons) Feast your green eyes on the closets of the rich and famous, styled of course to make sure you walk away slightly overwhelmed and drunk on the flamboyancy which is their daily life.

Oh Nikki, famous by association, i love your wooden floors and your pink coat hangers are a sure giveaway that you're really a girly girl by heart.

Fergie love the ottoman and chandelier peaking above!

Rachel's closet is vintage heaven!

Love how Christina got all dolled up but left her lil one pantless haha
The pink is also a nice touch!

Argh Mariah! Each pair of shoes you own could probably put a child through school for a year and yet still i wanna rampage through your collection. Evil obviously has settled in by this point of the post.

Now i'm off to cry on my hubby's shoulder!

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