Monday, September 21, 2009

Amore No.6 - 500 days of summer

I heart romantic comedies with a passion!! Somehow i love that they are completely predictable and teary worthy but I've seen a million of these movies and it's starting to make me kinda numb!

So lately i've been starving for something new & original that grabs all my heart strings, gives it an all mighty tug & makes me wanna get up from my seat applauding (tho i doubt this will ever happen) To my delight '500 days of summer' did all that and more. I walked away with the biggest grin on my face and was so engrossed in the film i completely forgot to eat the chocolate bar in my bag which is unheard of in Livvy's world.

Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and adorable Zooey Deschanel, this movie is about the deconstruction of a relationship, from day 1 to 500. With an awesome soundtrack and amazing chemistry between the leads this is no ordinary love story. You'll find yourself hooked from the beginning to end and leave wanting more.

I send out a HUGE recommendation to anyone who loves a good love flick that's left of center and breaks away from all of Hollywood's cliched notion of love.


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