Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's all so quiet... sssshhhh!

Hubby is away on camp and i don't mean like how 12 year old's go on camp, i mean he's facilitating in an event known as RYLA where they take young adults, throw them in the woods and build character attributes such as confidence ( in a less cave man manner like i'm describing). His participation is voluntary however since hubby himself attended RYLA a few years ago i guess he wants to give something back, one of many reasons why he's such a great guy =)

HOWEVER.... this means i'm home alone.

Being home alone as a kid was exciting. I would often snoop in my sisters room to gather evidence should i ever need it for a sticky situation but now that i'm a grown up and living in my own house, i dreaded hubby leaving for fear of all things that go bump in the night. I've been sitting here for the past 3, maybe 4 hours listening to Eat Pray Love and working on Olive Farm when it suddenly dawned on me 'i haven't said anything in the last 4 hours!!', not one word, squeak or sound, which is unusual for someone normally so chatty.

In this silence my mind is rested and calm.
Creativity is flowing and my breathing is almost rhythmical.
With all the everyday stresses that i carry on my shoulders i am, at least for a little while, peaceful.

I guess sometimes you just gotta shut the hell up!

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