Saturday, September 19, 2009

Meet & Make

Ali from Ali J Illustrations, Liza from Lillybuds and Lauren from Osier

ry now and again a few of us Perthie sellers from etsy get together for something known as 'meet & make'. Everyone brings a plate and over lunch we catch up on the latest market goss, what's happening online, and there was even a show & tell today =)

Today's meeting was hosted by lovely Pam from Get Silvered and the spread was like 'woahh!' (good job everyone!) There was sushi, pizza, frittata, salad, carrot cake, scones, gluten free chocolate cake (which i totally forgot to have a piece of Niina!) and much more.

It's so wonderful to know a group of people who know exactly what you're going through and are there to support and throw creative ideas around. Can't wait for the next meet up ladies =)

Niina from Niina Aoki and Jane from Planet Lime

** other attendants were Lara from Smith & Bird and Annie from 17 threads (sorry girls and Pam, i didn't get to take a picture of you but i won't forget the next time hehe)


Susan said...

Sounds like a great get together, sorry I was not able to make it today. Still painting!

Her said...

oh great shot Jane! what a total idiot :-)

GetSilvered said...

Ha Ha! Lovely to see you again Liv, Was a great afternoon - Just as well there was no photo of me - I was having a non photogenic day anyway, LOL. Next time we'll get a pic of you too!