Monday, September 28, 2009

Cheers big ears!

Enjoying lunch with the ladies

C restaurant has a fabulous special going on where you 'pay what you think the meal is worth'!! When my girlies got wind of this we straight away organised a catch up, i mean... who wouldn't?
With tummy's ready to be filled with delicious food & loaded with the latest news we took the arvo off and headed down to C which is in the heart of the city. Known for the fact that the restaurant is revolving 33 stories in the air we were smart enough to remember the cameras =)
Everyone ended up ordering 3 courses and we paid $30 each, including drinks!! We also gave our waiter a big tip for being really attentive and happy to take photos of us hehe

For entree we had scrumptious mushroom & asparagus risotto with creme fraiche & walnut crumble , grilled prawns in garlic and herb butter with potato saffron pave & tomato and fennel concasse, & salmon and avocado carpaccio with a blood orange and basil vinaigrette. YUM!

4 outta the 7 girls couldn't resist the fabulous crispy skinned saltwater Barramundi fillet, with caponata vegetables and lemon basil aioli. Have to go back for this one!

And for my dessert i picked the vanilla bean crème brulée, blackberry compote and almond tuile. Sooooooo good!

All in all the lunch was fantastic to say the least. I heard mixed reviews leading up to the lunch however my experience was wonderful and i highly recommend it to everyone.


WristieLove said...

Looks delicious! (Love your etsy shop!)


olivefarm said...

Awww thanks =) The food was so good i'm already organising another catch up with friends haha


ps - Killer profile pic btw =)