Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Working rooms

where Liv gets creative =) notice my champ & rosie prints.
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Moving houses is exciting but stressful. Packing all your personal belongings into boxes, suitcase and well just about anything that will fit your life is hard, especially when you know you'll be unpacking it all only a few days later... well in my case, months!

I swear i have lost precious items in transit and for the life of me i can't find my ipod, tho i know i saw it around the house somewhere. argghhh!

However I am relieved we are living in a house with more space and i love the view from my studio window, even though spring refuses to pay us Perthians a visit. Despite the clouds i took some shots of my new working space and i thought i would share it with you =)

My awesome spice rack which my dad gave me and i now use to
house all my flower embellishments. Thanks dad!

I like to pin my unfinished hair pieces in front of me so when
inspiration hits i can get to work straight away =)

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