Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Amore No.7 - Sweet Petula

Perfect wrapping for Halloween. For more info visit ---> HERE

Everyone knows i'm a sucker for packaging. I believe it's the first thing that draws me to any product. Hubby gets very wary when i enter new stores with awesome window displays or if we see something at the markets which has 'livvy' written all over it. What can i say? If you make it look good, i'll want it!

As you can imagine i've had to reallllyyyyy restrain myself when it comes to browsing through etsy but this store can not be ignored! Sweet Petula... even
the name makes the little girl in me scream in excitement haha

Created in 1995, Sweet Petula is a luxury bath, body & home brand that started by selling products at craft fairs and markets. They now operate from their retail store located in Seattle, Washington in the Pioneer Square District. Oh i can't wait to get my hands on one of these babies!

Ohhh something for the hubby i think haha Visit ---> HERE

A year's worth of soap! can you really resist? Go ---> HERE

She even does custom soaps to promote your business!
Something definitely worth looking into =) Go ---> HERE

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Sweetest Petula said...

sweet! thanks so much!