Saturday, October 3, 2009

Chia's day out!

Occasionally when I least expect it hubby surprises me by planning an outing for us. We got up early this morning to go to the Kalamunda Markets, first stopping at Little Miss Cupcake to pick up some treats & having the compulsory morning coffee at Coffee by Day. The markets were PACKED probably due to the lovely weather =)

Waiting for our coffee

Oh so girly Little Miss Cupcake store. Get in early coz they usually sell out!

Busy markets & waiting for eddee to order his Turkish pizza thingy which was realllllyyyyy disappointing =( The smell was great and it looked delicious but lacked any sort of flavour!

Devonshire Tea

Just when i thought it was all over Ed then takes me to Heritage Rose where we had devonshire tea surrounded by gorgeous scenery.

They had a massive koi pond and when it came to feeding time they went crazy!
Kinda freaky if you ask me.

Thanks for a great day baby, you're the best =)


Sarah said...

man those cupcakes look SOOOOO yum!

sounds like a fab day ;)

olivefarm said...

oh gosh they are!! i gobbled the lemon one when i got home despite claims of being 'soooo full', leaving hubby slightly mortified haha