Friday, October 2, 2009

On your marks! Get Set! Gooooooo!

Tomorrow night my sis and I are attending a special formal dinner to celebrate the end of Ramadan. There will be over 100 people coming along making it a WONDERFUL opportunity to show off some of the Olive Farm collection. I already made a special piece for myself and considered making one for my sis if time permitted, well it didn't and when i went to tell her how busy my schedule has been of late she "convinced" me i was making a major mistake not putting something on her since she's been asked to be the official photographer for the night. Yiiiiikkkkeeesss! So with adrenalin pumping and mind eager to be creative i pushed out this peacock number which matches her outfit and now i'm kinda jealous & wanna have it for myself! hahaha

I'm actually really pleased with this piece and I'm considering making a similar one for the wedding range, except i'll make the bloom BIGGER =)

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