Thursday, October 1, 2009

Olive Farm Update

Anyone who regularly visits my etsy site knows i haven't been uploading new products lately and there's a reason why - I'm too busy from my orders on FB! Seriously!

Ever since i made my fan page and word has gone out i've been bombarded with orders, requests or just messages of encouragement from friends who didn't realise i actually do this for a living haha It's funny coz it was only at the beginning of this year a friend mentioned i should advertise on FB and i was like 'nahhhh, no one would care' and lo and behold... TA DA!! (thanks maryam!)

I'm currently in the works of making pieces for my wedding range and preparing for an upcoming photo shoot. I've also applied for a market in Nov *crossed fingers* which will focus more on the current Olive Farm products however eventually i'm going to start weeding it out. I've found something which i truly love doing and i believe it shows in my work, so time to get your dance shoes on coz it's out with the old and in with the new =)

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